Hippokampe, the final cli.

This is a place where you can interact with the intranet but instead of clicks, you will do it with commands.

Basic illustration
Hippokampe cover
Feature 02 illustration
Feature 02

Improve your productivity.

This is the key of Hippokampe. You will not spend time on things that are not relevants in your learning path.

Feature 01 illustration
Feature 01

Check your code.

Ability to check the code from the CLI. You will not need any kind of API key or other stuff.

Feature 03 illustration
Feature 03

Documentation in the console, coming soon.

Focus on learn and fill your bag of knowledge. This will allow you to increase your productivity and help you to do a thing at once.

Feature 04 illustration
Feature 04

Get the information of a project.

Relevant information about a project. It will help you to focus on learn instead of trying all the options that the intranet have.